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Top Tips to Manage Cancer Pain

May 11, 2023

Nearly 2 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, and different cancers are more common between the sexes, with men dealing with it in the prostate, women dealing with it in their breasts, and both dealing with lung, colon, and rectum cancers. 

Pain is often associated with cancer and cancer treatments. Thankfully, there are some good ways to manage the pain at home. Let’s look at the kinds of pain that cancer can cause, and how you can mitigate it in the comfort of your home. 

If you’re struggling with cancer in the Delray Beach, Florida, area and you’re trying to keep the pain under control, Drs. Adam Shestack, Cy Blanco, Joshua Powers, and their team of medical professionals at Florida Pain Management Institute can help you get through it.

Kind of pain cancer causes

Because there are so many different types of cancers, the specific pain will vary. The types of pain include:

  • Bone pain: this typically comes in the form of a throbbing or dull pain
  • Nerve pain: this may cause burning or tingling sensations, and is often difficult to manage
  • Soft tissue pain: pain from cancer in organs or other tissue can cause cramping, throbbing, aching, or sharp pains
  • Referred pain: this is when cancer in one part of the body leads to pain elsewhere
  • Phantom pain: when you have surgery to remove a cancerous mass, it’s not unusual to feel pain in that same location, though the cancer has been removed

What you can do to manage it

Here are some things you can do to help with cancer-related pain:

Over the counter methods

Non-prescription medications for low-to-moderate pain include aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. 

Prescription options

Pain can also be managed with prescription anti-seizure and antidepressant medications, as well as steroids. If your pain is severe, your doctor may recommend opioids for a period of time to help relieve your discomfort. 


Cold or warm compresses can be used to relieve pain, muscle spasms, and any circulatory issues that may come from cancer.


Explore your options for at-home physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage treatments that can help ease your pain and relax your body.

The best solutions for managing cancer pain will be specific to your condition, but whatever the pain you’re dealing with, we’re here to help. Make an appointment with our compassionate and knowledgeable team at Florida Pain Management Institute today to get the relief you need.